• December 4th, 2014
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Six Sigma or Lean Methodology?

Six Sigma or Lean Methodology?

These two should go hand in hand!

There should be coexistence between the two terms – one concept should not replace the other.

There has been plenty of debates between the two concepts as Lean Methodology has been said to go simply toward the streamlining of manufacturing and production processes – improving process flow.  Six Sigma is claimed to aim more towards focusing on process variation reduction and improved quality.

Integrating both into your company and having the two concepts work in unison will produce the ultimate toolkit increasing process flow, improving quality and deliver, satisfying your employees, satisfying customers and (most importantly) increasing your revenue!

Six Sigma or Lean Methodology

Six Sigma or Lean Methodology?











“Six Sigma cannot dramatically alone improve process speed, that’s why you need to incorporate Lean. – Lean alone cannot bring a process under statistical control. That’s why you need Six Sigma. Achieving a fast improvement rate in process speed, cost, and quality requires the combination of Six Sigma and Lean.” – Michael L. George, Lean Six Sigma

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