• October 27th, 2015
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State Funding Now Available for Employee Training Programs

State Funding Now Available for Employee Training Programs

State reimbursed training funds are grants and programs offered to workforce development services. These funds are designed to offset a portion of eligible employers’ costs related to skills improvement training for full time permanent workers.

Most companies are not aware that there is a possibility that state funding is available to them for Employee training programs at city, state and even county levels. Each sector individually sets the criteria for qualifying companies and training programs. Researching for available state funding can be extremely tedious with a risk of missing application deadlines if not done in a timely manner.

Lean Enterprise Partners, a Lean Consulting Firm and industry leader in implementing custom Lean Methodology programs, can assist with the research that goes in to finding funds for your employee training programs.

Our ultimate goal is to improve your bottom line by a significant amount, train employees in all areas of management and provide continuous improvement for years to come. It also gives us a birds-eye perspective of all operations in order to implement the correct services to benefit your company.  Lean Enterprise Partners can do the research for you and find the funds needed for employee training if readily available!

State Funding

A private consulting firm focusing on Lean Methodology. What makes Lean Enterprise Partners different than other private consulting firms? Our guaranteed 3:1 ROI and holistic approach.  Contact us today to see if state funding is available for your Employee Training Programs!

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