• November 3rd, 2015
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Does Your Company Need an Organizational Development Makeover?

Does Your Company Need an Organizational Development Makeover?

Sometimes as Managers, we tend to overlook the correlation between employee morale and the overall success of a company.  When employees show enthusiasm about their company and job, they tend to work harder and produce better results.  This enthusiasm also transforms employees into “word of mouth” marketers which results in a good source of free PR.  In order to achieve this type of positive work culture, the enthusiasm needs to start with upper level management and flow downward across all departments.  This can be easily achieved with a solid Organizational Development program in tow.   Implementation of a strong Organizational Development program is crucial to not only maintaining positive employee morale, but also assists with discovering ways to streamline efficiency.   How do you know if it’s time to implement an Organizational Development program in your company?

As a manager, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do my employees have an unclear definition of roles and responsibilities?
  • Does the company experience high employee turnover rates?
  • Is there a high level of daily absenteeism?
  • Is the company’s health and safety procedures perceived to be administrative and not effective?
  • Is a flexibility metric not in place?
  • Is our in-house training structured and being implemented correctly?
  • Are we communicating information properly between organization levels?
  •  Is there a communication board and is it being updated consistently?
  • Am I promoting the proper employees for new roles in the organization?
  • Is there a presence of reactive mode management causing low employee morale?
  • Do my managers lack a knowledge of understanding KPI’s and effective usage on shop floor?
  • Have we ever performed a root cause analysis and took action to reduce gaps between actuals and plans?

If you answered YES to any of these questions:
It may be time to revisit your Organizational Development initiatives.  Lean Enterprise Partners Organizational Development program goes beyond the traditional Human Resources approach. We start by performing a holistic analysis of a company’s overall health and safety practices, employee well-being, employee roles and responsibilities and multi-departmental communication techniques. In addition to the overall analysis, Lean Enterprise Partners also provides a comprehensive evaluation of all managers (MSI, L360 °, PSI , CF 2 , O 2, ASI  and DSI).  This paints an accurate portrait of the management team and organizational readiness to give senior management a benchmark ranking of their organization.  Lean Enterprise Partners will provide your company with a customized Organizational Development program allowing your company to achieve results such as:

  • Properly coached front line supervision.
  • Implementation of a true Health and Safety culture.
  • Significantly reduced NVA times.
  • Increase employee flexibility, resources and skill sets.
  • Increased team work across organization levels.
  • Motivated workforce and lower absenteeism.
  • Reduced operating costs lowering the company’s bottom line.
  • Level 5 Organizational Development certifications.
  • Proactive management tactics and a positive culture shift.
  • Effective communication structure across organization levels.

Who is Lean Enterprise Partners?
Lean Enterprise Partners (LEP) is a private Lean Consulting firm that is focused on doing more with less, getting it right the first time and delivering practical solutions that establish accountability, credibility and sustainability.  We offer customized programs that are guaranteed to generate results.  Contact us today to learn more! (724) 485-2577


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