• November 23rd, 2015
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Would Implementing Lean Principles be Beneficial to My Business?

Would Implementing Lean Principles be Beneficial to My Business?

A Lean Enterprise Partners Learning Series Original

In order to be successful in such an unstable economy, it is important for a company to be able to identify their needs for improvement. Having the ability to identify flaws in the components of a business can result in preventing profit losses. There is a cost associated with every flawed component that can cause a company’s profit margin to shrink if not corrected both quickly and efficiently.

Implementing Lean Principles can be beneficial because of its ability to identify and eliminate waste. The results of implementing Lean can include quality improvements, lower production times and even cost reductions. People who are unfamiliar with Lean assume that it applies to only manufacturing and distribution companies, however the reality of Lean Principles is that it can be applied to any business sector and all practices from top to bottom.  How do you know if Implementing Lean would be beneficial to your business?

Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do we suffer from uncontrolled processes?
  • Does the production line experience lack of synchronized flows and uncontrolled bottlenecks?
  • Are there constant production delays or long startup times?
  • Are the lines of communication between departments ineffective?
  • Do employees have a clear definition of roles and responsibilities?
  • Do we lack plant capacity and flexibility in the production process?
  • Do we waste time searching for material, tools or information?
  • Have contracts expired and supplier terms properly negotiated?
  • Does Management exhibit non-standardized work methods?
  • Is there accumulation of in–progress and long delivery times?
  • Do we have high inventory costs?
  • Is there weak equipment efficiency?
  • Is there little follow-up on returns and customer complaint causes?

If you answered YES to any of these questions:
Implementing Lean Principles are highly recommended! With so many components associated with it, how do you determine which Lean method(s) are applicable? We can help! At Lean Enterprise Partners, our approach to Lean Principles guarantees you a full optimization of your value chain. After a thorough analysis, we will develop a customized program guaranteed to generate results. Our ultimate goal is to increase value-added operations while reducing various operational constraints relating to delays, inventory, quality and capacity. By doing this, it also helps establish a culture and a structure for continuous improvement by forming intervention groups specialized in problem solving. With Lean Enterprise Partners assistance, you could achieve these potential results:

  • Implementation of a three dimension control process focusing on quality, costs and delays.
  • Effective communication structure and proactive management culture.
  • Reduced operating and labor costs.
  • Increased plant capacity, improved production and quicker delivery times.
  • Reduced product cycle times.
  • A reduction in defective products and quality issues.
  • Increased flexibility within the production process.
  • Space and resources optimization with decreased inventory levels.
  • Decrease in returns and customer complaints.
  • Improvement in OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

If you still are not convinced that implementing Lean Principles can help your business, click here to read a case study involving Lean Enterprise Partners and how we were able to deliver a 27:1 ROI to a former client.

Who is Lean Enterprise Partners?
Lean Enterprise Partners (LEP) is a private Lean Consulting firm that is focused on doing more with less, getting it right the first time and delivering practical solutions that establish accountability, credibility and sustainability. We offer customized programs that are guaranteed to generate results. Contact us today to learn more! (724) 485-2577

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