• January 11th, 2016
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How Executing Lean Principles Can Increase Overall Sales

How Executing Lean Principles Can Increase Overall Sales

A Lean Enterprise Partners Learning Series Original

The importance of having sales representatives equipped with the skills needed to not only drive new business but also maintain existing customer relationships is greatly important to the growth of any business. If proper time is not allocated to business development efforts, it could result in stunted company growth or a decline in sales margins. Without a detailed strategic sales plan and a clear understanding of the difference between budgeted and actual sales, a company can suffer and lose potential profitability.

A common misconception about Lean is that it is only applicable to manufacturing and its processes. The reality is that Lean can be applied to multiple areas of business in many different ways. Whether it’s streamlining processes to allow for better usage of time management or defining structure and identifying communication barriers, Lean Principles have been helping companies increase efficiency since its introduction in the late 1980’s.  When applied to a sales environment, an increase in employee efficiency can help increase overall profits over time. How can you determine if you should implement Lean Principles within your sales department?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are we suffering from stagnant or declining sales?
  • Is there a lack of strategic sales plans and targeted business plans by region?
  • Do we allocate little time to business development?
  • Is our customer service ineffective? i.e. complaints, customer support, customer loss, etc.
  • Is there a lack of structured customer contact?
  • Do employees lack product and service knowledge?
  • Do we submit late, incorrect or poorly planned quotations?
  • Are there constant order errors? i.e. information, rates, product cost, product etc.
  • Is there a lack of an action plan with regards to differences between budget and actual sales?
  • Is there an ineffective line of communication between stakeholders and departments?
  • Is there a lack of follow up to control of performance indicators? i.e. deadlines, delays, productivity, quality etc.
  • Does our management team use non standardized work procedures and methods?

If you answered YES to any of these questions:

Then it’s time to consider incorporating Lean Principles in to your sales department. Lean Enterprise Partners can help! The goal of our sales approach is to structure sales activities in order to increase hit ratio and revenues. By structuring and optimizing business development activities we increase the number of contacts with new and existing clients. We will also help structure a value proposition to differentiate from competitors and improve customer service policies and procedures.  With our expertise, you have the ability to achieve these potential results:

  • Increase in sales revenue.
  • Increase in hit-ratio.
  • Improvement in customer service processes.
  • Maximize sales ratios (by order size, meeting, sales person, region)
  • Prioritized business development activities.
  • Increase in number of client contacts and new clients.
  • Maximize client contact experience.
  • Increase in resource productivity.
  • Reduction on operating costs.
  • Level 5 Certification in Sales.
  • Proactive management and overall positive office culture.
  • Effective communication structure.

Who is Lean Enterprise Partners?

Lean Enterprise Partners (LEP) is a private Lean Consulting firm that is focused on doing more with less, getting it right the first time and delivering practical solutions that establish accountability, credibility and sustainability.  We offer customized programs that are guaranteed to generate results.  Contact us today to learn more! (724) 485-2577

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